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Sun, Sep. 9th, 2007, 12:07 pm
look who's evil now.

So it's been 59 weeks since I've made an update, but I promise to try and do more on here. It might be kind of hard since I also keep an actual book journal, but we will see what I can do. I've finished my first week of college and surprisingly I am not too sore. Rehearsals for West Side Story started on Friday, and I am so very excited. I've got a bunch of character work to do today. And homework for english. I really like my english class, but I'm not used to having homework like this for a college course. It reminds me very much of english class in high school. I've laid in bed far too much today. I am going to get out of bed and probably go to Starbucks on the library to get some work done. I promise to make somewhat regular updates, particularly about the progress of West Side Story.

Wed, Jul. 19th, 2006, 11:16 am

So it's been a very long time since I have even made an attempt to update my livejournal. Having a week off from work allows you to do so many things you haven't done in awhile. But instead of cleaning my room (seriously, it's been dirty for the majority of 2006 and I really have no concept of even how to begin cleaning it.) I have spent most of my free time on the computer. I don't have too much to say right now. I'm in rehearsals for Fiddler on the Roof at the Jewish Community Center, and I'm still trying to get everything together for college. It still seems so far away - not starting until September 5th is pretty sweet. I guess I'm glad to be back! Leave me some welcome back comments for those of you that are still here. I guess it's really only Jessica, Amelia and John that frequently update, and then sometimes Becca and Brittany. Yeah, don't you worry - just because I haven't updated in forever doesn't mean I haven't read all the posts by my friends. I know exactly what you all are up to! 

Fri, Mar. 24th, 2006, 10:42 pm
it's the land of naked marble boys.

i am so sorry that it has been so long since an update. i feel like most people rarely read and/or use this thing anymore anyway, but still it has been forever since i gave an update.

we have three remaining performances of my fair lady. i am really ready for it to be over. it's a good production of a long and boring show, and i don't really have too much fun doing it. i am glad to be a part of it because most of the people in it are so good and it's really aesthetically beautiful and everything but it's like 4 hours out of my night that i could use to be sleeping or attempting homework or writing notes to remind me to turn in the rest of my producers' scholarship info (yeah - it's rediculous).

honk rehearsals are going well but we're kind of behind. too many little kids make it hard to work at a steady pace and so we're getting there very slowly. i am really excited about it, just hoping that it will come together in the end. i'm sure it will, if people would work on their lines and remember what they're supposed to do. as much as i have had going on in the past couple months, if i can stay moderately on top of it i don't understand why some people aren't pulling their weight. given, i don't know everybody's lives, but a generalization of standard performance level is expected. that sounded really bitchy. i'm just tired.

i've been rejected by CCM and UofArts. i didn't really want to go to CCM, but i'm kind of surprised i wasn't accepted to UofArts. i thought my audition went well. too bad. fingers crossed for BoCo...

Sun, Feb. 26th, 2006, 07:44 pm

it's been forever since i have updated. i've been very, very sick but i am finally feeling much better. i just hate that i am so behind on everything now. but it's all good. i'm just going to take dealing with everything i've missed or i am behind on one day at a time. that's better than worrying about it right now when i really can't do much about it.

she stoops to conquer went really well, as did competition before that, and UNIFIEDS before that. i can't remember what i said in the last update. so there you go. if you want to know details, you probably already do. and if not, just ask and we can talk.

i miss SDM right now. i want to go back to being around all of those people. 

i'm ready to be past high school. i think i want to be 4 years old again for a couple months, and then fast forward to being 25 and out of all schools and living and working somewhere. i don't care. i just don't want to be involved with school anymore right now. i'm sure lots of people are feeling this way. but a year from now i'll probably be complaining and wishing i was back in high school. even though i highly doubt that. 

here are some pictures from she stoops and other random stuff...

  me and melanie

 me and sam, being superheroes!

 me and cayce (and i would NEVER use that gun to shoot her)

 me and jill at the connection

 me and erica being martha and twyla in the studio

 me and erica being martha and twyla before competiton

that's pretty annoying how small all of those turned out. i'm sorry about that. have a good week!

Fri, Feb. 10th, 2006, 11:27 pm

I don't understand how so many things can be going right in my life and yet I am still so unhappy. I continually find myself wishing I wasn't doing the things I am and that everything could just be different, or really that nothing could be going on. That would make me most happy. I'm trying to constantly remind myself that I am unhappy not with what I'm doing, but I guess with how much of it I'm doing or something like that. This makes no sense. I'm trying to vent to make myself feel better and I'm not really saying anything. So don't take this so much as a window into what's really going on, but just appreciate it as the fact that Zach is trying to express himself some more and not hold things inside of him and then make himself crazy. I'll still be really crazy after this, but you understand what's up. Maybe.

Sun, Jan. 29th, 2006, 09:58 am
one more thing...

i forgot to tell you all how happy this woman makes me...

i love her. and this one...

(proportions of pictures do not represent if one is more important than the other, or anything significant like that.)

Sun, Jan. 29th, 2006, 09:46 am
a stranger racing down the beach....

if i made any reference in previous posts (yeah, it's been years...you may want to search the archives) about going crazy, it definately has already happened. i'm awake before noon on a sunday, which is pretty miraculous. i set my alarm to wake me up so i could get alot of work done on stuff for the theatre workshop before i have HONK! rehearsal all day. yeah, that's right...senior theatre workshop is this week and I still have to memorize four scenes and a sonnet. i thought i had until tuesday, but apparently every (except myself) believes we have our first matinee tomorrow, so i have to be prepared just in case.

She Stoops to conquer is coming along really well. except yesterday at rehearsal i got a huge ass (okay, not HUGE ass...like a little smaller than a whole inch) splinter in my foot and we took forty-five minutes for ms klier and lamont and everyone else to dig it out of my foot. it's not a secret that i don't like blood and all that stuff, nor is it really concealed information that i hate having my feet touched, but i sucked it up and was pretty proud of myself for not being a big girl about it. the show is going REALLY WELL and i am pretty excited about it...i'll post information about it soon.

but back to me being crazy...i have so much going on and i usually am so tired because of it that it puts me in a bad mood, and then i am short or rude to people, and then they call me out on it, and it pisses me off they said something about it because i know it's true and i don't want it to be. i'm ready for this summer...part of me wants to bust myself and do as many shows as i can, but then part of me also wants to just chill out and have a real life. that's rediculous.


Mon, Jan. 16th, 2006, 02:11 pm



Thu, Jan. 12th, 2006, 11:54 am
don't make me wait one more moment for my life to start...

wait a minute, wait a minute...do i have time to be sick? i really don't think so. why did i come home from rehearsal last night with a low grade fever and upset stomach and then sleep all night long (having to cancel dance rehearsal) and now i'm chilling out waiting to go to school. i feel better today but still not completely well. it pisses me off.

and yeah, i'm basically going to be sneaking into school today. because we can't go to rehearsal unless we were at some part of school, and then if we sign in more than thirty minutes late we get an automatic detention, so hopefully no one will notice when i show up in fourth period today and then go to rehearsal. but if they do, oh well, i'll just leave. i mean...i'm not getting a detention. i have more time to be sick than i do to go to detention, so whatever.

have a good day! don't get sick everybody.

and i really wish Jill and i could go to the Hairspray call later this month. it sucks i can't go to chicago two weekends in a row, and it sucks auditions aren't the same days as unifieds. yeah right...like i could pull that kind of scheduling off.

Tue, Jan. 10th, 2006, 08:17 pm
oooh, baby, baby....b-b-b-b-baby!

i'm watching some show on mtv and this gay guy and his lesbian hag are deciding to move to nyc and they're like fundraising and doing all this random shit to earn money so they can move away and it makes me kind of sad because like i feel that might be me in four years. not so sad because as the show is going on they are working things out and they seem happy and it's really inspiring, and i'm glad i would most likely be their story because the dumb ass model kid and the spoiled girl who apparently has hired slaves to assemble her furniture really aren't my thing. i know that this doesn't make any sense, but i'm just talking.

rehearsal was excellent today. if only i could easily get off book. but i'm getting there. it just takes awhile.

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